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FitnessDeadline.com: The authority on healthy living and healthy eating.

Our Goal

FitnessDeadline.com is committed to providing the most accurate information on fitness, health, and nutrition to support the average person in their quest to reach their individual fitness goals. Our articles and reviews are written with the intention to inspire and inform people to make healthy decisions.

A Trusted Authority

All of the information provided is backed by science and articles on FitnessDeadline.com are based on well-respected sources, or linked to peer-reviewed journals—the highest standard in the scientific community. The website is not affiliated or sponsored by any individual company. Each product review is independent and unbiased. Fitness Deadline is a trusted source for fitness information and is designed to be a daily encouragement to continue reaching your health goals.

5 Key Areas

FitnessDeadline.com focuses on five key areas to support healthy living:

  • Muscle Building – often overlooked or overemphasized, muscle building is important to burning fat, correct posture, and injury prevention
  • Weight Loss – get honest insights on the latest weight loss trends to see what works and doesn’t work from personal trainers, dietitians, and physical therapists
  • Healthy Eating – tips and strategies to help your food do the most good for your body
  • Supplements – information from first-hand experiences, scientific studies, and peer-reviewed journals for the most accurate and up-to-date insights on new products
  • Reviews – unbiased and independent reviews of supplements, fitness gear and fitness equipment to help you make the best purchases for your goals

Our Story

Launched in April 2017 by a husband and wife team, FitnessDeadline.com began as a personal endeavor to support our own healthy lifestyle. We found, like so many others, that making healthy choices is difficult. Choosing the healthier food options and going to the gym every day can be hard. We found inspiration and motivation in reading articles on fitness and so we decided to dedicate ourselves to creating online content on which you can trust and rely.

We are a physical therapist and dietitian by trade, and together with our writers & researchers, we have the knowledge and experience to provide the most up-to-date information to motivate others and ourselves. Whether you want to reach your ideal weight, establish healthier habits, or get into the best shape of your life, FitnessDeadline.com supports you. We are in this together.

Policies and Terms

Learn more about FitnessDeadline.com’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. We are committed to providing unbiased reviews and opinions. Please read our Disclaimer to understand how our website works in regards to monetization and affiliate links.

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