The Best Rep And Set Range For Building Muscle

The Best Rep And Set Range For Building Muscle

There are two approaches you can take when it comes to building muscle, and each of these approaches focuses on a differing workout method.

If you wish to build up your strength, you will prefer to set a workout schedule that is more akin to traditional strength training, which builds up your actual muscular strength. If you wish to build up muscle volume, there are other workout techniques that you may use.

Understanding the underlying science and reasoning behind how you work out helps you better tailor your workout to your exact needs. Regardless of whether you prefer to build muscle fast or you would rather increase your muscular endurance, you need to follow a specific set of guidelines.

Muscular Strength

Muscular strength is your muscles' ability to contract themselves fully and exert the maximum amount of force over a short time span. This is what helps you lift up large objects without feeling like they are too heavy.

While you will certainly gain muscular strength over the course of your muscle building exercises, it is not the primary objective. Building up muscular strength as opposed to actual muscle mass uses a different set of workouts.

Muscle Strength is different from Muscle Mass

If you are aiming to build up your muscular strength, you will find that the best forms of exercises will be those of high intensity, low rep workouts. These exert full force on your muscles and attempt to heighten the plateau of your muscular strength.

This is arguably one of the more difficult ways to build muscle as a high-intensity workout can be very tiring and physically stressful for your muscles. It is highly recommended to start slow when working on muscular strength.

Muscular Endurance

Building muscular endurance is another way to approach the effort of building up muscle mass, but you will also find that it is somewhat inefficient compared to specifically-tailored workouts which are meant to encourage hypertrophy.

Muscular endurance is your ability to repeatedly work your muscles without them getting tired and having a lactic acid buildup which is the source of muscular aches over the course of a long workout.

High Rep are used for endurance training

While muscular endurance is quite necessary for everyday life so you may improve your overall health and so you do not simply get tired after a minimal period of exertion, if you are looking to build muscle very fast, you will find far more effective workouts.

Muscular endurance exercises are centered on doing more reps and sets with a less intense workload. Using lighter weights helps your body get accustomed to exerting itself over a longer period.


Muscular hypertrophy is the scientific term for muscular growth. Hypertrophy will occur as long as you do any form of muscular exercise. The key is in getting the most muscle mass to build up over a short period.

Muscle Growth over time

This is where you must look at the component exercises of your fitness routine to see if you are performing optimally regarding building muscle mass. Encouraging hypertrophy in your muscles may seem difficult at first, but you only have to follow a few simple instructions.

The Best Rep And Set Ranges For Building Muscle

If your objective is to build the most muscle possible over a short period, then you must keep some simple guidelines in mind as you work out.

Low Weight - High Repetitions don't build a lot of muscle

The most inefficient way to build muscles is through muscular endurance exercises which attempt to augment your muscular endurance through low intensity, high volume workouts. While this may be a more time consuming, yet easier method of working out, you will find that it is not ideal to build muscle.

If you wish to build muscle, the best workout regimen you can follow to improve your experience and expedite the process would be to do high intensity, high volume workouts.

What this means is that you will want to do at least six reps, but it is encouraged to do more, to an upper limit of around ten reps, so you do not overly exert yourself and get a training injury. You will also want to do a larger number of sets.

The number of sets you feel comfortable doing will depend upon your personal level of physical fitness, and you will find that the ideal number should be somewhere around four sets, so you do not cause yourself any form of injury.

The injury is not the only risk involved in working out more than is recommended; you will find that you will also excessively tire yourself and this can negatively affect your future workouts, resulting in a negative cycle of exhaustion and ineffective workouts.

Common Gym Injuries

While higher intensity, higher frequency workouts may seem excessively tiring, it is recommended that you start off on the lower end of the intensity spectrum and work your way up as your muscle mass builds and you feel more and more comfortable working out for longer and more grueling periods.

If you follow these instructions, you will find that you will build muscle mass at a faster rate than either traditional strength training or endurance training. While it may be harder to work out, if you pertain to this method, soon enough your body will grow accustomed to it.

Overtime, this workout will feel like a typical workout to you, as your muscles grow and develop at a faster rate.


We hope that this article has helped you find the best way to work out if you are aiming to increase your muscle mass. While it may be hard work, you will find that these routines will pay off as long as you persevere and stick to your workout regimen.


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