Calisthenics Workout Program Options to Work On

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Calisthenics is defined as gymnastic-style exercises that are performed using your own body's weight to build muscle and achieve “bodily fitness and grace of movement.” Rapidly growing in popularity as part of a workout routine, calisthenics is a fantastic, highly effective fitness option that can be executed anywhere, anytime. In addition to being able to achieve on-the-go muscle bodyweight training and muscle definition, calisthenics enthusiasts cite the lack of a gym membership requirement or fancy, expensive, in-home equipment as just a few of the many reasons why they prefer calisthenics over traditional weight lifting.

Calisthenics Workout Program Options

With a calisthenics workout program, you are able to autonomously take control of your health and improve your level fitness through high numbers of reps and in comprehensive ways, without the need of costly trainers or coaches. Integrating just a few classic beginner body weight exercises will yield myriad benefits for your physique, helping you build muscle tone and an exceptional level of leanness and definition.

Calisthenics workout programs not only effectively increase your lean muscle mass but also advance your mobility, agility, endurance, flexibility, and overall strength. Providing far more benefits than basic weight lifting, calisthenics is a fantastic option for people looking for a fitness option perfectly encompassing functionality, performance, and affordability, while providing the highest degree of personal control over one’s body as possible.

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With our user-friendly, easy-to-read calisthenics guide, we show you how to effortlessly begin getting started at home with calisthenics workout program options meant for beginners just commencing their foray into the world of body weight exercises.

Always endeavor to do as many repetitions as you can and to continue pushing yourself throughout your workout. It’s not necessary to perform an over-the-top number of repetitions or to overexert yourself to a painful level. Rather you want to find a happy medium where you are pushing yourself to achieve fitness gains and the muscle definition and leanness that come with hard work and dedication.

Calisthenics for Beginners

Basic calisthenic exercises for beginners will be very familiar to most people. Including push-ups, squats, pull-ups, and sit-ups, these classic body weight exercises enable you to work all of the major muscle groups. With time and expertise, you can actually move on to performing hundreds of variations on these four classic exercises. An abundance of videos are available online with calisthenics experts showcasing the various ways in which classic moves such as pull-ups and sit-ups can be augmented to provide further fitness and muscle benefits.

The Four Main Classic Calisthenics Workout Options for Beginners


At-a-glance and User-Friendly Calisthenics Workout Options Guide
Depending on your level of fitness when starting calisthenics, you can determine for yourself if you are more comfortable engaging in knee-style push-ups or traditional-style push-ups. Knee-style push-ups are a fantastic option for beginners to start their calisthenics journey and progress on to easily performing traditional style push-ups through time and practice. Typically, those starting off on knee-style push-ups will want to practice for about a month or two before going on to performing traditional push-ups.

Kettlebell push -up techniques

Beginner’s Calisthenics Push-up Workout

(Either Knee-style and Traditional-style Pushups)

5 sets of 20 repetitions for a total of 100 push-ups

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    ​Ensure that you rest for at least 2 minutes between every set so as to not overexert yourself and to provide your body some recovery time.
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    ​Do not try to perform traditional-style push-ups if it is simply too difficult for you. Rather be proud of yourself for starting a brand-new Calisthenics program and commit to pushing yourself by completing sets of knee-style pushups until you can effortlessly take on traditional style push-ups in a month or two
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    ​Aim to accomplish 5 sets of 20 push-ups every other day in order to maintain consistent fitness while also allowing your muscles enough time to rest

​Beginner’s Calisthenics Pull-up (or Chin-ups) Workout

4 sets of 6 – 8 repetitions for a total of 24 – 32 pull-ups or Chin-ups

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    ​Ensure that you rest for at least 2 minutes between every set so as to not overexert
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    ​Chin-ups are essentially the same as pull-ups with the exception that your palms are facing towards you as you perform the exercise, as opposed to facing away from you
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    ​Chin-ups tend to be a bit easier for most people to perform due to the exercise making use of different muscles than pull-ups
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    ​If starting with chin-ups, practice for 3 to 4 weeks until you are confident enough to progress to performing traditional pull-ups
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​​​​Beginner’s Calisthenics Sit-ups Workout

(or crunches and assisted sit-ups)

3 sets of 25 repetitions for a total of 75 sit-ups.

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    ​Add an additional five repetitions to each set every week to reach your ultimate fitness goals
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    ​Ensure that you keep your back straight, and your core tight
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    ​Hands can be straight ahead in front of you or crisscrossed on your chest
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    For those who need an easier option, crunches can be performed
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    ​Crunches are performed by coming half way up instead of the all-the-way up mechanism associated with sit-ups
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    ​For those who find crunches too easy but are not ready to engage in traditional sit-ups, assisted sit-ups can be performed with a friend sitting on your feet, or your feet situated under heavy books or a dumbbell.

​Beginner’s Calisthenics Squats Workout

2 sets of 10 – 15 repetitions for a total of 20-30 squats

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    ​Stand with straight posture
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    ​Ensure feet are flat on the ground, shoulder width apart and turned just slightly outward
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    Look straight ahead
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    ​Engage your core, with emphasis on your abdominals and muscles in the lower back
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    ​Do not lean forward
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    ​Visualize sitting down on an imaginary chair
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    ​Be mindful of the classic squat operation with your quads ending just slightly below parallel to the ground
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    ​Return to original position
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    ​Beginners can do squats against a wall or assisted squats with an exercise ball until confident enough to do traditional squats


Calisthenics are classic exercises performed in traditional poses. Removing the need for expensive, fancy gyms, trainers, and personal coaches, bodyweight exercises can be easily and effortlessly performed anywhere, anytime.

With practice and dedication, fitness-goers can ascend from simple calisthenics exercises on to a multitude of variations featuring differing levels of intensity that function to work different muscle groups and to provide a wealth of additional fitness benefits.

To get started on the most user-friendly workout program available today that features unparalleled convenience, performance, and affordability, try our user-friendly beginner’s calisthenics program!


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