How to Get Abs for Girls & Still Have a Feminine Look

girl with toned abs

Who doesn’t want to burn off that wobbly belly fat or other body fat to look great? Of course, most of us do and we also want awesome abs. Having incredible-looking abs that make everyone at the gym stare in envy is the goal of a lot of people. However, a lot of the information out there is aimed at men who want to look like a Game of Thrones stunt double. While there’s nothing wrong with that look, it may not be what some ladies have in mind. When ladies think of having abs, they don’t envision built muscles that you could grate cheese on. What most women have in mind when they talk about having great abs is a flat, toned tummy with some definition to show off all of their hard work.

girl with toned abs

The approach for men and women should be different. It’s one thing to build huge abdominal muscles and it’s an entirely different task to get that toned, sexy look. If you want to achieve incredible abs while still keeping your feminine look, then this article is for you. Let’s take a look at the most important factors in achieving that perfect look.

Get Your Diet in Check

You have probably heard that diet is the biggest factor in fitness a million times before. Some people say that diet is 80% of the equation in getting the body you want. Whatever percent you choose to attach to it, diet is incredibly important in having the sculpted body you dream of. When it comes to getting toned, sexy abs, diet is more important than ever.

There’s no secret diet to get abs. The most important thing is finding a diet that works for you. A diet that makes you feel tired, sick, and irritable is counterproductive and it’s likely not a diet that you will stick with for long. In any good diet, you will want to watch your sugar and calorie intake. If you want your abs to show off their definition then you need to achieve a body fat percentage that allows them to be seen. This percentage can vary from person to person but one thing is consistent no matter who you are—extra calories equal extra fat.

Girl leaning against barbell on a squat rack

Count your calories using an app or meal tracking sheet. If you want to lose fat around your midsection and reveal your abs to the world then you should be eating at a caloric deficit. That means that your body should be consuming more calories than you take in. Find a calorie calculator online and determine how many calories you need to maintain your weight. Factor in your exercise program and plan your meals accordingly to ensure your total intake is below the number you require in order to maintain your current weight.

You will want to base a lot of your diet around lean protein. In addition, you will want to eat a lot of vegetables. Watch out for starchy foods like potatoes and pasta. The extra calories can quickly add up and make your abs harder to achieve. Also, avoid foods that make you feel bloated. No one likes to work out when they’re bloated and exercise is the next big focus in your master plan for perfect abs.

Do the Right Exercises

Eat healthily and do 1000 sit-ups, obliques, and crunches per day—it’s that easy, right? Wrong! In fact, high-intensity interval training and many ab exercises that build your abdominal muscles may not be the right exercises to achieve the look you want and that last bit of fat loss won’t ever go away. Instead, you want to focus on exercises that tone and strengthen your core. At first, these exercises may not show a lot of results. However, if you’re following your diet correctly then the fat around your stomach will begin to melt away and reveal some amazing, toned abs.

High-intensity interval training is a great cardio workout for burning fat. There are several different routines you can try but they all follow the same formula. Basically, you work out hard for a short period of time and then enjoy a period of decreased exertion. For example, this could be 30 seconds of sprinting followed by 90 seconds of jogging, repeated several times. The high-intensity cardio gets your heart rate into a range that’s perfect for burning calories quickly and the lower intensity portion of the workout keeps your heart rate relatively high while allowing you to prepare for the next burst of high-intensity output.

Girl resting after exercise

You will also want to look into a strength training program that incorporates movement to keep your heart rate high throughout. If you’re worried about strength training taking away your feminine look, don’t fret. Strength training, if done correctly, allows you to tone your muscles and burn extra calories without getting ripped biceps like you see at Mr. Universe competitions. Kettlebell workouts are great for strength training and burning fat. These workouts incorporate your entire body and use a lot of movement to get you sweating and increase your heart rate.

As for ab-specific workouts, sit-ups won’t cut it if you’re looking for toned abs and a flat tummy. You want to do ab workouts that strengthen and tighten your core muscles. Planks are a great ab workout that can be used to target various areas of your core. Start with a traditional plan on both of your forearms and then move to a side plank on one arm to focus on another area of your core.

Perseverance is Key

Getting sexy, toned abs doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, for many people, getting visible abs is one of the most difficult fitness goals to achieve. A toned, flat tummy requires a lot of effort and dedication both inside and outside of the gym. Diet is key and if you aren’t counting calories then you may be setting yourself up for failure before you have even started.

Also, you will want to make sure you have the proper workout regimen. Simply going to the gym and doing some sit-ups will not cut it. You need a good strength training program followed by the right ab workouts and a fat-burning cardio exercise.

This goal will not be easy to accomplish but when you see those abs for the first time you will know every minute of hard work has been worth it.

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