The Ultimate Healthy Eating Grocery List

The Ultimate Healthy Eating Grocery List

A grocery list is an excellent way to ensure that you know exactly what you need to purchase from the grocery store. It is a great way to save money as you will be less tempted to go to the store and buy food which you will not need.

A grocery list is also an excellent way to ensure that you will eat healthy because you enter the grocery store knowing what you would like to purchase and eat. You will be less likely to buy unhealthy foods that catch your eye.

Healthy groceries on market shelves

While the action of writing a grocery list may seem simple, you must consider the optimal items which you can purchase to ensure that you eat healthily.

This article will provide some suggestions in terms of different food categories and the best types of food in terms of health for each individual category.

While many people have the misconception that eating healthy is less enjoyable than eating junk food, you will find that this list is varied and delicious in terms of food.

A final aspect to consider before moving onto this grocery list is that it is by no means entirely inclusive. There are many different kinds of food worldwide which are both healthy and delicious, and we could not possibly hope to include them all over the course of a single article.

What Groceries To Choose

We will attempt to name some of the more common types of food you are likely to see in your local grocery store as opposed to more exotic food offering which you will have to search for.


When it comes to purchasing the healthiest type of pasta, you will want to look for whole grain pasta. Whole grain pasta is far healthier than typical white pasta, and it will provide a healthy serving of fiber, so your digestive system will thank you for it.

While some people may say that whole grain pasta has somewhat less flavor than white pasta, once you are used to the whole grain variety, you will find that it is just as enjoyable if not more so due to the health benefits.

Healthy meal with pasta and bread

The same rule applies to rice. If you are looking for a healthier type of rice, brown rice will typically pack fewer calories than white rice. The process for making rice and pasta is somewhat similar, so the health benefits of brown rice are comparable to the health benefits of whole grain pasta.


The same rule that applies to purchasing the healthiest pasta applies to buying the healthiest bread. White bread tends to be the most fattening and packs the most empty calories.

You would be better off purchasing whole wheat bread which will provide a good amount of fiber and fewer calories per slice. Whole grain bread comes in many varieties, and some come with quinoa or flax seeds which further increase the health benefits of whole grain bread.


When it comes to eating meat, there are many steps you can take to ensure that you are eating healthier. The first choice comes to how much fat there is in your meat. The fattier your meat, the less healthy it will be, so you will want to search for the meat which is leaner.

Leaner meat is recognizable as it features less marbling than pieces of meat which contain more fat. While this means that the meat will be somewhat less juicy, it also ensures that you will have lower cholesterol levels.

Concerning chicken, you will want to look for skinless chicken as the skin tends to contain a lot of unnecessary calories and just does not provide a right amount of protein in return for the amount of calories that it contains.

Healthy meal with pasta and beef

The same principle applies for turkey. If you are attempting to eat healthier, you will find that the best course of action is to eat skinless chicken and turkey.

When it comes to meat, it is also true that it is healthier to eat seafood and poultry as opposed to red meat. While red meat does contain a large amount of protein, it also contains quite a bit of fat which works towards increasing your cholesterol levels and decreases your cardiac health.

You should attempt to cut back on the amount of red meat you ingest if you intend to improve your diet by a marked amount.


When it comes to eating healthy, dairy is one of the categories where people tend to have the most issues cutting back. There is quite a significant difference between typical dairy products and low-fat dairy products, and the difference in flavor has to be the most jarring aspect.

While the flavor difference is certainly noticeable, another difference which is less immediately noticeable is the difference in terms of healthiness.

Dairy products

Dairy products tend to contain a large amount of fat, so low-fat options such as skin milk and fat-free yogurt will be far healthier than the alternative. You also have the choice of enjoying full-fat cheeses and butter as long as you make a conscious effort to eat less.

As long as you make an effort to either enjoy smaller portions of your full-fat dairy products or you decide to make the change to fat-free dairy products, you will find that it will make a rather large difference in terms of your diet.


As you can see, formulating the perfect healthy grocery list is not as difficult of a task as it would seem at first. All it takes is the dedication to make your body healthier coupled with the knowledge of what is good for your diet and your health and what is not good.

We hope this article provided some good guidelines to making your ultimate healthy eating grocery list.

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