Nutratech Atrafen Fat Burner Review

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Cheat days are a dieter's number one threat. You can eat healthy for a week, but that will all go to waste if you consume junk food for a day and can’t control yourself. Weight supplements are the solution for those who have a hard time sticking to their diet and need extra help.

Weight supplements keep you on track, which makes losing weight significantly less stressful.

Nutratech is a trusted name amongst dieters who fervently make use of weight supplements. Nutratech improved on their formula for an already popular weight supplement, Atrafen.

Out of all Nutratech’s weight supplements, Atrafen is one of the most widely used nationwide. The success stories related to Atrafen are plentiful and real. There are photos online documenting body transformations while on Atrafen. You can use those as motivation to achieve your body goals.

Below is a review of Nutratech’s weight supplement, Atrafen.

Nutratech Atrafen Features

If you’re looking for a powerful fat burning supplement, Nutratech’s Atrafen will do the job. The formula behind Atrafen consists of a fat burning system that also suppresses your appetite.

The weight supplement is effective as well as safe. Both men and women can take advantage of what Atrafen has to offer.

Our Rating

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Appetite Suppressant
  • Comes in various forms
  • Made in the USA
  • ​100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • ​60 capsules per bottle

Atrafen works with your body naturally via energy pathways. Once you consume the weight supplement, your body will work at a faster pace to burn off fat.

Burning off excess fat is not Atrafen’s only function. Atrafen addresses issues you normally go up against when you start a fitness regime.

Atrafen improves energy as well as mental alertness. Your mood enhances so it stays positive, and your brain’s acuity increases. Any food cravings diminish, so your appetite no longer becomes an issue.

What’s The Science Behind It?

Atrafen contains natural ingredients that work with your body to burn excess fat. The weight supplement also aids in suppressing your appetite. Consuming fewer calories while burning off fat is a definite way to lose weight.

Grapefruit Powder

Grapefruit powder is an ingredient unique to Atrafen. The powder is excellent for improving your immune system as well lowering your cholesterol.

Rare Ingredient In Weight Loss Supplements

Grapefruit powder is a source of fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. All these benefits combined give you a boost of energy. This heightened energy directly motivates you to hit the gym.

Mango Extract

Mango extract comes from regions around Nigeria and has shown weight loss benefits. Nutratech incorporates mango extract into its formula because of the body's fast reaction to it.

People have lost 8-10 pounds while consuming mango extract without any exercise. The extract has direct correlation for improving heart health as well as skin.

Acai Fruit

Nutratech consists of acai fruit because it comes with fiber, healthy fats, and plentiful antioxidants. These antioxidants protect the body from diseases as well as providing an energy boost. An increase in energy levels leads to quickly achieving your fitness goals.

Raspberry Ketone

Another ingredient Nutratech includes plays a direct role in increasing your energy levels. In fact, raspberry ketones are responsible for that pumped up feeling you get before you go to the gym.

Raspberry ketones also increase your metabolism, so you have control over your daily caloric intake. This significantly helps when you have a hard time dieting.

Green Tea Extract

Nutratech understood green tea extract’s potential to increase the rate your body metabolizes food. In fact, green tea extract promotes a faster working metabolism, which causes your body to burn fat at rapid rates.

Extract of Green TEa

On top of making your diet easier to maintain, green tea extract is also loaded with antioxidants. You’ll be on top of your fitness regimen, with no cravings for junk food.


You may be surprised to find caffeine on Atrafen’s list of ingredients, but it’s common amongst weight supplement pills. Caffeine lowers your appetite as well as helps burn excess fat.

Caffeine also gives you a jolt of energy, which comes in handy when you’re feeling down and don’t want to go to the gym.


Resveratrol is naturally found in the skin of red grapes as well as peanuts. Atrafen contains Resveratrol because it prevents new fat cells from forming. This makes keeping your toned body a much easier feat.

What Makes Atrafen Unique?

A lot of people who take weight supplement pills feel unnecessary side effects that cause harm. Typical side effects include jitters because of the energy level increase. Atrafen ignites fat loss without experiencing jitters.

Insider Thoughts

Buyers rave about Nutratech’s newly improved Atrafen formula. Within eight weeks a buyer lost about 25 pounds, which proves how effectively Atrafen works.

Atrafen Customer before and after photo

All the natural ingredients work together to give your body a clean boost of energy along with burning off fat. All you have to do is take two pills a day, and you’ll notice the weight loss supplement take charge.

One thing buyers did complain about was the headaches. Atrafen contains so many energy boosters, so what goes up must come down. The headache is the result of the energy boost, which is normal. These subside over time, so don’t let that deter you from taking Atrafen.

Buyer Advice

Based on positive buyer reviews, Atrafen is a product that delivers. Users have seen dramatic weight loss results without the possibility of gaining that weight back. This is because Atrafen works to burn off fat as well as block new fat cells from forming.

atrafen Weight Loss Pill and bottle on table

Nutratech offers Atrafen in liquid form as well as pill form. There are even two different pills for day and night. By taking both pills , you fully feel the weight loss results Atrafen can offer. The day and night weight supplements are sold separately.

Where To Buy?

A trusted source to order Atrafen from is Amazon. A majority of buyers go to Amazon because of the deals and the free shipping. Weight supplements via Amazon are a lot cheaper than any other online vendor.

Our Verdict

I would highly recommend incorporating Atrafen into your diet. There’s nothing wrong with needing an extra boost to get your dream body.

Other than helping you lose weight, Atrafen does improve your overall health. The weight supplement comes packed with antioxidants and energy boosters. Atrafen comes with a guarantee to positively impact on your health.

Check out buyer testimonials to see the results of using Atrafen.

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