How Protein Shakes Help You Lose Weight And Belly Fat

How Protein Shakes Help You Lose Weight And Belly Fat

Building muscle can be a time-consuming process. You will find that you need dedication, a good measure of free time, and possibly a few helping hands along the way.

Protein shakes are one of the prime components to a good workout routine as they will provide a good measure of protein so that you may better build up muscle and supplement your protein intake if you find that you are not getting sufficient protein through your basic diet.

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One of the main advantages of protein shakes when it comes to building muscle is that it takes far less time to digest than solid foods, regardless of how high their protein content may be.

This longer digestion process means that the proteins will not be broken down and redistributed to your muscles until long after your workout has been completed. Protein shakes only typically take half an hour to digest so that the protein will be transferred to your muscles faster.

The best way to consume a protein shake is immediately following your workout, so you can have the protein to rebuild the muscle fibers that you exerted over the course of your workout.

If you have a higher intake of protein, these muscle fibers will be rebuilt stronger than if you had a deficit of protein. So, a right amount of protein is somewhat crucial when it comes to building up your muscle mass.

This is only the most common advantage to protein shakes. In this article, we will examine the other benefits of protein shakes, specifically about weight loss and fat loss.

Benefits Of Protein Shakes

While it may seem surprising that something so high in nutritive value will help you lose weight, it has been proven that protein shakes can help you lose body fat faster while simultaneously helping you build up your muscle mass.

Increased Metabolic Rate

Protein shake digestion will help you increase your metabolism. This is the first method in which protein shakes will help you lose weight faster.

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As you may know, your metabolic rate is directly correlated with the rate at which you burn calories, so a higher metabolism means that you will burn more fat over the course of a day than someone with a lower metabolic rate.

As a larger number of proteins in your diet will work your digestive system harder, they will also increase your metabolism. This increased metabolic rate will certainly help you burn fat faster.

Another excellent aspect to protein is that a larger number of the calories in protein are burned during the digestive process, so you will not have to work out a substantial number of the calories you ingest in the form of protein.

Protein shakes will help increase your metabolism, while you only ingest more calories as a result.

Protein Shakes And Belly Weight

There have been many studies undertaken to judge the effects of protein on fat around the midsection. Most of these studies have featured diets with an increased amount of protein compared to a control group.

Over the course of these studies, it was noted that the groups who had a higher protein intake would tend to lose more fat than those who had a lower level of protein intake in their diets.

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Most of the fat which the participants lost was centered around the midsection, such as on the belly. While protein shakes are not the only way to increase the amount of protein in your diet, you will find that they are the most convenient method.

They tend to have less empty calories than alternative options such as eating more protein dense foods. These foods tend to be high in caloric value and can end up doing more harm to your weight loss program than they will do good.

While protein shakes are by no means a miracle substance that will magically reduce your belly weight over the course of a short time span.

If you follow a healthy diet supplemented with a good amount of protein shakes, you will begin to see your belly fat decrease over the course of a few months. Losing weight is a hard task, but every little bit of extra effort you put into it will pay off further down the line.

Protein Shakes And Maintaining Weight After Loss

Contrary to what some may think, the hardest part of weight loss is ensuring that the weight does not return somewhere further down the line.

While losing the weight itself may be a complicated process, an even more difficult process is adjusting your whole way of living to accommodate your new weight. Many people believe that weight loss is a short period of effort followed by easy weight maintenance. This is certainly not the case.

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It has been proven that the hardest part of a diet is maintaining your target weight once you achieve it and protein shakes are another method which can help you in this.

Numerous studies have shown that a higher protein diet after you have lost weight will contribute to reducing your appetite and keep you at your target weight more easily. The reduction regarding appetite is the most crucial aspect of protein shakes helping you maintain your target weight.

If you are not as hungry, you will naturally have a harder time regaining the fat which was lost over the course of your diet. Protein shakes are doubly effective if you are attempting to build muscle mass as a method of ensuring that you will not regain weight in the form of fat.


Protein shakes are far more versatile than they are given credit for. They are typically looked at as a way to facilitate muscle building and exercise, but you will find that they can help to an equal extent when it comes to losing weight.

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