5 Ways Running Is Best For Weight Loss

5 Ways Running Is Best For Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a difficult task to accomplish. It helps to know all of the best ways you can alter your weight loss program to suit your needs better and speed up your weight loss process.

One of the mistakes that people usually make when they formulate a plan to lose weight is to make it overly complicated.

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If you find it hard to remember your plan to lose weight without the aid of a digital assistant, maybe there are a few superfluous aspects you can cut out of the plan.

Another typical mistake which is made which is related to this over complication is that some people choose to perform advanced exercises that have benefits in certain areas but are not ideal for speeding up weight loss.

Some of these activities include yoga and some other favorite activities. While these can certainly help you remain fit and build up other areas of your body, they will not be the quickest way you can ideally burn calories.

Reasons To Opt For Running

Running is one of the best physical activities in which you can participate. Running is biologically wired into us from the days in which we were hunter-gatherers, searching for wild animals to chase and hunt.

We have not changed very much since then from a biological standpoint. Our bodies are still ideally suited for running, and more and more running records regarding speed and endurance are being broken by the year.


The first aspect to why running is one of the best ways you can lose weight is through the sheer convenience of being able to run.

All the equipment you will need to run is some exercise clothes and running shoes, which can be found for a reasonable price if you do not already have a good pair.

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One of the best parts about running is that you can typically run anywhere and at any time you please.

Many other forms of exercise require a gym or other form of exercise equipment such as a pull-up bar, etc. Running is perfect because all you need is enough time to go for your regular run and adhere to your workout schedule.

If you live in an area where running outdoors can be an inconvenience due to a lack of sidewalks or any other reason, you may always purchase a treadmill that you can have inside your home, giving you an easy way to ensure you get your daily run in.

Health Benefits

Running is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise due to its classification as an aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercises tend to be more long-term activities in which your body uses the entirety of your respiratory and circulatory systems to accomplish an exercise. This is opposed to anaerobic exercises in which your body uses the energy stored in your muscles only.

Due to the manner in which aerobic exercise functions, you will build up your cardiovascular and respiratory strength for the longer amount of time that you run.

This is an excellent way to extend your lifespan as it has been proven that cardiovascular exercises like running greatly reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, so it is certainly not to be taken lightly.

Compared with other forms of exercise which can aid in weight loss, you will find that running has some of the most health benefits you can gain.

Long-Term Exercise

Running is an exercise which burns a remarkable amount of calories over time when compared to other forms of exercise. This makes running surprisingly efficient.

If you want to prove this for yourself, only use a treadmill with a built in display which shows you the number of calories you will burn over a given hour of running exercise.

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Once you have this, compare it to the number of calories you will burn doing another exercise.

You will typically find that running is the most efficient of the low-intensity workouts at burning calories.

Other more intense workouts will burn more calories in a short period, but they tend to be so intense that you cannot repeat them for a decent period afterward.

Running Is Accessible

While we are on the topic of the intensity of your workout, running is an excellent choice for weight loss because it is readily available for someone who is not used to more intense workouts.

Trying to start off by accomplishing more intense workouts is a good way to discourage yourself early. If you are just beginning to exercise, you will find that you are better off starting with a lighter exercise that will not tire you out excessively.

This allows you to ease yourself into the mindset of daily exercise, which is one of the most efficient ways you can lose weight.

Running is an ideal workout as it is easy to plan the duration and path of your runs and you can explore your limits without having to worry about overly exerting yourself as you can always accomplish the remainder of your run as a walk.

Running Helps Build Versatility

Running is a crucial skill in many sports, whether you are talking about baseball, soccer, football or basketball.

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You will find that building up your ability to run will make you a more versatile athlete so you can participate in more sports disciplines. Sports are another excellent way that you can lose weight, so being a versatile athlete is always a worthwhile objective.


As you can see, running is one of the best ways that you can lose weight fast due to a combination of its convenience, health benefits, viability as a form of long-term exercise, accessibility, and versatility. Hopefully, running can help others on their weight loss journey as well.

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