The Secret To A Healthy Diet

The Secret To A Healthy Diet

Our primary purpose of this article is to give you a guide on how to eat healthy while losing weight.

It's no secret that eating healthy can substantially impact your quality of life. It's not a simple task. What you eat, how you eat it, from spices to consistency matters. Fortunately, we want to give you the right information to help you start eating healthy.

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First, we’ll discuss the reasons on why healthy eating is beneficial to your life. Next, we will speak throughout the article about certain techniques and healthy eating plans to help you get your body back in shape. Also, we’ll give you secret tips and tricks on how to lose weight.

By the end of the article, we give you the knowledge to make a conscious buying decision. We hope to give you enough information to understand why is it important to eat healthily.

Benefits Of Healthy Eating

First let's mention the improvements of a healthy diet.

Weight Regulation

To regulate your weight, you'll have to replace previous junk food with healthier alternatives. For instance, replacing soda with water will not only help you save money, but it does a good job at cutting down on your sugar content as well.

Productivity Improvement

Studies show that eating unhealthy foods can cause a 66% loss of productivity. Having a healthy diet fixes this issue by improving the functions of your brain and your body, raising your energy levels and improving focus. It gives your brain the fuel needed to produce more productivity and more energy. Thus, having a healthy diet improves your productivity.

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Enhance Your Appearance

Eating junk food causes you to accumulate trans fats in your body. This can clog your arteries, raise your blood pressure, and impair your ability to exercise. Having an excess number of calories causes you to gain unhealthy weight in your thighs, arms, neck and other areas. By eating healthy to lose weight, you reduce your usual calorie intake.

What Is Nutrition?

Specifically, it’s defined as the process of obtaining healthy food to help your body grow.

When eating healthy, your body receives these nutrients. This helps the body in producing mental and physical growth. Nutrition is about making the right choices. If you create and follow a healthy eating meal plan, you’ll lose weight.

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Nutrition works throughout all stages in our lives. For instance, proper nutrition is needed from infancy all the way to adulthood. It’s needed to fix common problems such as weight issues and stress. When you practice good nutrition, you help your body function as efficiently as possible.

Types Of Nutrients

Here's a list of the type of nutrients you need to have a healthy body. We'll describe them in detail to see the benefits they give when consumed. Those trying to create healthy eating habits should look at this section to provide the basis of what they choose to eat.

The three primary nutrients for a healthy body are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Each of them offers a benefit to your body. By having a healthy balance between the three, you'll experience long-term health benefits such as lean muscle growth, improved brain function, and weight loss.


You need protein to gain muscle and lose weight. Protein helps by improving your skin, bones, and muscles. You get protein by eating meats, nuts, and dairy products. Mainly, you need an enough protein in your diet to maximize your body’s performance.

good sources of protein Rich Foods


Lipids are molecules that store fat inside your body. Fats helps your body absorb vitamins and minerals but also increase your energy. Healthy fats (cheese, chia seeds, nuts, and avocados) work with improving your cholesterol intake. While fats are healthy for your body, an excessive amount of it can destroy it.


Carbohydrates are the third primary nutrient needed for a healthy body. You need a substantial number of carbs to bring a healthy source of energy. Carbs produce sugar that converts into a healthy source of energy.

How Do I Have A Balanced Diet?

You create a healthy balance between the three main nutrients (Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates). Having a balanced diet requires you to understand the food you digest daily. Creating healthy eating requires a strict and efficient plan to follow.

Nutrient Ratio charts in a Healthy Diet

We suggest using the 50/30/20 diet plan. This consists of 50% of carbs, 30% proteins, and 20% fats. By sticking with this plan, you get a healthy set of nutrition to improve your body composition.

To lose weight, we suggest making a diet plan that consists of healthy foods to eat. We'll discuss it more, but understanding the right food to eat helps your body maintain a lean appearance without problems. Making a balanced diet requires you to make the right choices to reduce calories and lose weight.

Types Of Diet Plans

There is a myriad of diet plans to help you reach the weight you desire. No matter what diet plan you choose, it’ll bring benefits to your body. This group of healthy options allows you to lose weight in an efficient manner.

Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian diets consist of not eating animal-based meals. The only exceptions are honey, milk, and eggs. Studies have shown that people who follow vegetarian diets have a longer life expectancy, suffer fewer illnesses and have a lower body weight than those who eat meat.

Vegeterian Nutrition

We suggest going on a vegetarian diet because it's the easiest way to lose weight. Just remove meat products from your daily use. You'll notice a drop in your daily calorie intake because of this. Taking a vegetarian diet plan allows you to lose weight while nurturing your body.

Paleo Diet

This diet has been used for over 10,000 years. It’s a modern diet that avoids legumes, dairy products or anything that’s processed. With this diet, you’ll improve the muscle building components of your body. Also, you’ll avoid illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes with this diet.

Paleo Diet Recipe

To use this diet effectively, we suggest eating foods that are rich in proteins (Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Eggs). Having a healthy paleo diet develops a natural growth and improvement of your body.

Remember, using this diet ignores certain quasi-healthy foods such as dairy, legumes, and potatoes. You'll limit yourself by rejecting vegetables that enhance your body. Make sure to add foods like this to have a balanced meal plan.

Weight Watchers Diet

This is the most popular of the diet plans. When followed, it creates effective results nearly universally. Foods are assigned certain points depending on their fat, protein, and carbohydrates intake. You'll gain a point budget that's based on how much pounds you want to lose.

Weight Watchets Diet Plan

But, the main issue with this diet is that it doesn’t teach you weight maintenance. The diet helps you lose weight, but not in a beneficial manner. People using the Weight Watchers diet often don’t know the right lifestyle decisions to maintain a healthy body.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is one of the most natural diet plans out there. Its primary goal is to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. Eating foods such as nuts, seeds, meats, vegetables, and fruits help you lose weight and gain natural muscle.

Mediterranean Style Diet

One benefit about this diet is that it limits trans-fat, saturated fats, and sweets. Through eating a broad range of healthy foods, it gives the user a natural diet that improves their body's digestive tract. For beginners, the Mediterranean diet is proven to enhance your body performance.

Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) Diet

This diet combines both nutritional benefits from carnivorous and vegetarian diets. It’s a multi-purpose health plan that focuses on eating vegetables, meats, fruits, whole grains, and fish. Following this diet helps to control your cholesterol, thus making it useful in preventing chronic heart diseases.

TLC Low Cholesterol Diet

Be careful about your calorie intake on this diet. The TLC diet is not as fully designed as other diets on this list. It's a self-navigated diet that means you'll have to make sure you don't go past the 200-mg cholesterol mark. TLC diets are complicated and are useful for those wanting an excellent diet.

Healthy Eating Tips

Eating healthy requires some effort on your behalf. If you want to know how to eat healthily, you’ll need to make some lifestyle changes. Here, we give some tips on how to improve your eating diet. By understanding these tips, you’ll find new tactics to help you lose weight.

Eat Less Salt

Sodium (Salt) is proven to raise your blood pressure. Eating an excessive amount of it leads to higher blood pressure. Having high blood pressure increases the chance of having a stroke or high blood pressure.

Salt has many side effects if used too much

There's certain foods that we eat that contain a high amount of sodium. For instance, certain bread, soups, and cereal are filled with a generous amount of salt. We suggest limiting your sodium intake to at least 6mg a day. This prevents your body from having a high blood pressure from excessive salt.

Stay Hydrated

Having a constant source of water is key to losing weight. Our bodies are made of 70% water. Due to daily activity, we lose a significant amount of water every day. To combat this, you need to keep yourself hydrated with a good source of water.

man hydrating with water

The government recommends taking at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. Water helps the body by clearing out unnecessary toxins and chemicals that are stored within it. Staying hydrated is crucial if you want to maintain a healthy appearance.

Eat Breakfast

People who skip out on breakfast are missing out on a multitude of health benefits. Eating breakfast allows the body to obtain fuel to get it started for the day. Studies show that people who eat breakfast regularly are less likely to lose weight. Make sure to add it to your weekly diet plan.

Breakfast OatMeal with fresh blueberries

Also, breakfast is proven to have positive effects on your child's mental health. Having a good breakfast allows their minds to develop naturally and stay energized. It keeps your child concentrated and helped them grow in a natural manner.

To create a healthy breakfast, remove unhealthy foods such as cereal from your diet. Sweets and junk food offer no benefits to your overall health. We suggest having fruits, wholegrain bread and low-sugar cereal to improve your breakfast.

Lower Your Fat & Sugar Intake

Having an excess amount of fat causes a negative reaction in your body. You'll run the risk of increasing your body-fat-percentage (BFP). This leads to your body becoming overweight and vulnerable to a multitude of heart diseases. Getting a healthy amount of fats is crucial to your body development.

There are two types of fats. Saturated and Unsaturated Fats. Saturated fats are proven to raise the cholesterol in your body. Having an excessive amount of saturated fats increases the chance of having heart disease.

Body Fat Percentage Calculation using fat caliper

Unsaturated fats come from fish and plant foods. This form of healthy fats helps your body absorb nutrients and provide energy. Foods that consist of unsaturated fats are cheese, canola oil and avocados. You’ll want to include these fats if you want to have a complete diet.

In regards to sugar, having too much can cause a lot of trouble for your body. Consuming foods that are high in sugar increases your risk of tooth decay and obesity. Remove foods high in sugar (cakes, biscuits, pastries, etc.) to help lose weight.

Check the food labels to gauge if the food has high or low sugar content. Food over 22.5g over 100g of sugar is an excessive amount of sugar. If the food contains 5g or less of sugar than its sugar contents are low.

Don’t Forget To Exercise

A healthy diet and an exercise plan go hand in hand. Exposing your body to physical activity burns fat stored within your body. Remember, being active doesn't mean excessive hours in the gym either. Leisure activities such as walking, jogging, and even gardening are proven to keep your body in shape.

Daily Joging Improves your health

Having a physically active schedule protects your body from unwanted diseases. For example, regular exercise prevents stroke, type-2 diabetes, and heart failure. Make sure to have a dedicated exercise plan to complement your healthy diet.

Read The Food Labels

Understanding the food labels help you stay informed about the food you eat. Reading the label exposes you to the health benefits food may or may not have. Remember, the calories add up when eating excessively. Reading the food labels help you gauge how much calories must be consumed daily.

Food Label

Healthy meal plans come from reading food labels. By doing this, it helps you decide if an individual meal is good for your body. We suggest reading the label of every piece of food you eat before it reaches your shopping cart. This helps you create an effective diet and lose weight.

Make Your Meals

Learning how to make your meals helps you stay in control of your calorie intake. By making your food, you monitor everything that goes into your meal. Make sure to prepare at least 2-3 meals a day to have a healthy diet.

Making your own meals is the pefect caloric counter

Things To Avoid

A question most people ask is “what is a healthy diet?”. The answer depends on what nutrients and minerals your body needs. Understand what your body needs and lack nutrient wise to help build a healthy diet. It helps you plan your meals to get the most out of each component we’ve discussed.

Eating healthy is a serious lifestyle decision. But, there are a few things to avoid. We discuss a few mistakes that beginners make when starting their diet. By avoiding these pitfalls, you'll allow your body to grow and protect yourself from illnesses.

Eating At Night

Studies have proven that eating when your body is active helps regulate your body weight. People who eat at night run the risk of becoming obese. To prevent this, try to eat dinner earlier. After eating, fast for 14-16 hours until next morning. This helps your digestive system recover and remain healthy.

man eating a Cake at night

Start Detox Programs

Detox programs are used for different purposes than losing weight. Its primary objective is to remove the toxins stored within the body. However, this is not the desired effect when losing weight. People who start detox programs want to cleanse their body. Losing weight is secondary.

Also, detox programs cause your body to lose water weight and healthy nutrients. When starting a rehab program, you'll experience dehydration and cause electrolyte imbalances. Instead, try to create a healthy diet plan to lose weight actively.

Set Unrealistic Goals

Unrealistic goals are the main reason why people fail to lose weight. For instance, it's impossible to lose 30 pounds within a week of healthy dieting. Remember that losing weight is a long-term process. Setting the right amount of goals gives you the confidence to stay and remain healthy.

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To make a real goal, keep it within a week's timeframe. Also, you need to set something that's obtainable within that time span. Setting a goal too great causes you to get discouraged to continue further. By setting weekly goals, you're more likely to make longer-lasting improvements.

Eat Fast

People who eat fast have a harder time digesting their food. Eating too quickly causes overeating. Overeating is dangerous because it causes you gain weight. Make sure to eat your meals slowly so that you’ll feel full and less likely to eat extra meals.

Eliminate A Certain Food Group

People think that by dieting, they must remove an entire food group. This causes problems because you neglect nutrients that food group offers. Running on low-carb diet causes you to miss nutrients that help your brain and body function properly.

Greasy Foods should be avoided

Removing a food group from your daily diet will cause cravings. Cravings is an intense desire to eat a particular type of food. This means that you'll excessively need the food and run the risk of overeating. Keep a healthy balance of food of all kinds to maintain weight loss.

Use Low Quality Supplements

Like detox programs, low quality supplements are detrimental if your goal is to lose weight. People who use supplements range from athletes to bodybuilders trying to improve muscle.

Not all supplements are made equal. While some supplements do help the body grow in natural ways, some do have some health risks. Studies show that people who overindulge on supplements place stress on their heart and their kidneys.

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Physical activity and exercise is the only thing you need to lose weight. By exercising regularly, you help the body stay in shape. With a proper exercise and diet, you don't need supplements to help you grow. Removing supplements from your diet helps you lose weight naturally.

Add Liquid Calories

Studies have shown that the average American diet consists of 21% liquid calories. Consuming liquid calories in beverages (alcohol, teas, sodas, juice, etc.) only quenches your thirst, not your hunger. This means that you'll still have the desire to eat more food afterward.

You don’t want this to happen. Having too much liquid calories causes you to eat more. It’s an unhealthy choice that makes it harder for you to lose weight. Also, most liquid based beverages consist of artificial sweeteners and sugars that are high in fat.

how many grams of sugar on drinks infographic

Try taking alternative beverages to avoid this issue. Drinks such as water, skim milk and vegetable juices to get a healthy source of liquid calories. If you do drink alcohol, take it in smaller portions. In fact, make lighter drinks to help lose weight.

Healthy Food Facts Everyone Should Know

Eat Vegetables To Improve Health

One thing that dieticians can agree on is the addition of vegetables to your diet. Vegetables are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Eating vegetables daily reduces the risk of disease and helps regulate your body weight.

bowl of healthy vegetables

For adults, we recommend eating at least 3-12 servings of vegetables a day. This benefits you by giving you a natural boost in energy and a healthier alternative to junk food. Make sure to add vegetables in your meal each day to reach optimal results.

Don’t Trust Mainstream Media For Health Information

About 9/10 of health information on TV is false. Most of the time they are trying to sell you a product that doesn’t offer any benefits. By ignoring the media, you lead your health in your hands. This means that you have full control over what’s good for your body.

Dr Oz was exposed on selling fake drugs

Check dietary studies if you want real knowledge about the food you’re eating. These studies give you a non-bias opinion and are scientifically proven. Thus, giving you accurate information to help your daily diet decisions.

Eggs Are 100% Healthy

Before, eggs had a bad reputation in having high cholesterol in its yolks. However, studies have proven that eggs don't raise cholesterol levels in your body. In fact, it's one of the most nutrient dense foods you can add to your diet. Consuming eggs helps your body grow at a natural and efficient rate.

Eggs are a great source of proteins

Because of this, we suggest taking 2-3 eggs a day. They are rich in protein and offer benefits such as reduced heart disease, faster muscle recovery and weight loss. Eggs are the best food to eat if you’re trying to diet properly.

Junk Food Is Addicting

The reason why people can't lose weight is that of the addictive properties of junk food. Engineers have found ways to make junk food give a false sense of "dopamine" in the brain. This means that you'll feel rewarded while eating junk food. The dopamine leads you into consuming more junk food.

However, this is not a good way to lose weight. Studies have shown that people who eat junk food have the same addictive properties as those who are addictive to drugs. Completely remove junk food from your diet, and you won't have this problem.

Gluten-Free Food Is Not Always Healthy

Gluten-Free food has gained popularity recently. Foods that are gluten-free are free from proteins. For the most part, these proteins are healthy for your body. Gluten-Free food removes these proteins causing you to miss out on an important part of your diet.

Just because the company has a “Gluten-Free” or “Organic” tag on it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. For instance, junk food can be made from natural ingredients. Because of this, you'll want to avoid food that's not naturally gluten-free.

cart full of gluten free products

Eating naturally gluten-free foods is okay. But, you should watch out for gluten-free processed food. These foods contain harmful ingredients that are worse than foods that contain gluten. Remember, not to eat gluten filled junk food, and you'll be okay.

Eating Healthy Is More Than Just Your Body Weight

Health is a series of life decisions and eating habits. To become healthy, you need to take certain precautions to get the most out of the food you eat. One mistake people make focus too much on the weight gain/weight loss in their diets.

Metabolism is a critical factor in determining one’s health. Having a fast metabolism means that you’ll burn calories faster. More burned calories lead to quicker weight loss. Make sure to eat healthy foods to improve your metabolism.

man eating healthy burger

Another thing that needs to be considered is belly fat. The fat that's stored in the abdomens leads to metabolic issues. Because of this, you'll want to eat healthy to reduce the belly fat in your body.

Reducing belly fat is an important key to improving your health. By focusing on just your weight, you run the risk of not losing weight. Because of this, we suggest eating not only healthy but also frequently exercising to reverse the effects of a slow metabolism.

No Diet Is Perfect

It's impossible to find a diet that works for everyone. Our bodies and genetics are different and require their particular process. Aspects such as culture, body type, and location affect what we eat daily. What works for you won't necessarily work for someone else.

The best diet for you is the one that shows the most results. Experiment with a few diet plans to see which one works out for you. By doing this, you increase the chances of you losing weight and having a healthy body.

Easy Healthy Meals

Getting a healthy meal is not that difficult. All it takes is a good understanding of foods that are rich in nutrients. Here, we’ll give a few healthy meal ideas to help you lose weight. These meals are simple to make and require a little bit of effort to work properly.

Here is a simple list of quick meals you can make to improve your health.

BLT & Egg Sandwich

To make this healthy breakfast, make cook two slices of turkey bacon and cook one egg. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and help promote muscle recovery. This tasty meal is a good choice for those wanting something quick and healthy to add to their diet.

a great healthy breakfast sandwich

Chicken With Greek Potatoes

This meal is filled with a healthy amount of protein and carbs. Start by baking chicken breast for at least 30 minutes. Next, chop potatoes into 1-inch cubes and roast it for 30 minutes.

Greek style Chicken and Potatoes

Mix the vegetables with one tablespoon of red wine vinegar and extra ingredients such as two tablespoons of feta cheese to get a healthy meal. After that, serve it with chicken, and you'll have a great meal to add to your daily diet plan.

Healthy Snacks

Here’s a list of some healthy snacks for your diet. Make sure to consume only one of these a day. Excessive consumption of meals causes you to make unhealthy eating decisions. By eating healthy snacks, you have a healthier alternative than junk food which might cause obesity.

  • Strawberries
  • Celery
  • ​Plain Greek Yogurt
  • ​2% Milk
  • Cheese
Incredibly Healthy bowl of Strawberries

Remember, eating healthy requires effort. By following these healthy recipes for weight loss, you'll help your body grow in a positive way. These meals allow you to gain the most nutrients and help promote weight loss. Find a few recipes to help you lose weight even faster.


To conclude, we believe healthy eating is a lifestyle decision. You don’t have to follow strict diet plans to lose weight. All it boils down to is making the right choices before the food hits the table. Don't overindulge in junk food and plan your meals if you want to lose weight.

Understand that eating healthy is just a stepping stone to losing weight. If you want to lose weight, you’ll have to exercise to lower your body fat levels. ­­­ Ultimately, we suggest adding exercise into your diet if you want the best results.

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