Vintage Build 3-in-1 Muscle Builder Review

old school vintage build Muscle Builder Essentials

Working out doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll build the muscle mass you’re striving for. Dietary supplements exist for that purpose. There are various forms of dietary supplements available, so it can be a long process to find the right one.

Pre-workout and post-workout supplements exist to help make the most of your workout. Pre-workout supplements provide the boost you need to workout. Post-workout supplements work with your body to build muscle.

Old School Labs produce a post-workout supplement that helps build lean muscle mass. Other post-workout supplements cause you to bulk up, which isn’t ideal if you want long lasting results.

Below is a review of Old School Labs Vintage Build 3-in-1.

Vintage Build 3-in-1 Features

Old School Labs Vintage Build 3-in-1 is a post-workout supplement that helps build lean muscle. It’s simple three ingredient formula makes Vintage Build a convenient alternative to buying all three ingredients separately.

Our Rating

  • 330 grams or 30 servings
  • Two flavors- fresh berries & lemon-lime
  • Builds lean muscle
  • Ingredients: BCAA, Creatine Monohydrate & L-Glutamine

Why Should I Take It?

You may think that you don’t need a post-workout supplement if you are already using protein powder. This is a mistake. Post-workout supplements promote vigorous muscle repair as well as minimize muscle breakdown.

Without taking proper care of your body, strenuous training can significantly lower the effectiveness of your immune system. Vintage Build’s ingredients work to keep your immune system in check. This means your fitness regime will stay consistent, so you achieve quick muscle building results.

How Do I Use It?

Vintage Build’s 3-in-1 is a daily commitment that won’t be effective otherwise. It’s recommended to take a scoop twice a day either before or in between meals. For those who want optimal results, you should consume 2 scoops twice a day before or in between meals.

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On days you hit the gym, you need to consume Vintage Build directly after your workout. This is when Vintage Build plays its most powerful role.

You need to mix Vintage Build with 6-8 ounces of water in order to consume it. You can even mix your preferred protein supplement with Vintage Build to maximize your results.

How Does It Taste Like?

Buyers rave about the Vintage Build’s delicious taste. The post-workout supplement comes in two flavors- fresh berries and lemon lime.

The most common flavor buyer's order is lemon lime. Fresh berries is not as popular because it has a cough syrup taste that deters people from drinking it.

Other post-workout supplements may taste better, but they come loaded with unnecessary sugars that do more damage than good. Old School Labs doesn’t incorporate ingredients that aren’t necessary.

What’s The Science Behind It?

Much of muscle-building supplements function as short term solutions to building muscle mass.

What happens is that you end up gaining short-term bulk that can deteriorate over time if you stop working out. These supplements contain sugars and carbs that do increase your body weight, but the muscle gains will consist of predominantly water and bulk. Cheap supplements build ineffective bulk mass, which is what your body doesn’t need.

Vintage Build 3-in-1 is a longterm solution for those who want to build muscle mass. The supplement consists of high-quality ingredients that help form high-quality muscle.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

Vintage Build includes BCAA on their list of ingredients because it works naturally with your body to promote muscle synthesis. Muscle growth increase has direct correlation with the BCAA found in Vintage Build.

If you are a novice gym goer, BCAA helps to put a stop to fatigue. You won’t feel like passing out after a workout when you include Vintage Build into your fitness regime.

Creatine Monohydrate

Muscles contain over 90% of creatine found in your body. Vintage Build incorporates creatine monohydrate because it's proven to naturally build muscle mass.

Intake of creatine supplements directly increases the water content of your muscles, making them appear larger. Over time, creatine will effectively increase fat free mass, which leads to more gains.

ripped guy with six pack abs wearing boxers

People who normally make ardent use of creatine are bodybuilders. Vintage Build has various bodybuilders working as their ambassadors for the product. These professionals confirm the results Vintage Build promises.

Vintage Build uses creatine monohydrate because it is a cost-effective dietary supplement that’s proven to work. Any other form of creatine would cause Vintage Build to be more expensive.


Vintage Build heeds the words of scientists to include L-glutamine in their list of ingredients. Studies reveal that l-glutamine supplementation decreases muscle breakdown. This means you’ll achieve your desired muscle mass results in a shorter amount of time.

L-Glutamine is also an amino acid that functions as a building block for protein. Protein powders and Vintage Build go hand in hand in quickly building effective lean muscle mass.

Insider Thoughts

After ordering a bottle of Vintage Build, the customer receives tips and advice from Old School Labs on how to maximize the product’s effectiveness. Old School Labs will recommend exercises as well as how to incorporate Vintage Build into your daily life.

Any Complaints?

What customers mostly complain about is Vintage Build’s lack of flavors. The post-workout supplement is only available in two flavors. One of the flavors, fresh berries, isn’t favored by many buyers. Lemon-lime is the way to go.

Is it Trustworthy?

Old School Labs uses a third-party laboratory to test the supplement in order to be as transparent as possible. In fact, Old School Labs stand strongly by their product and even offer a full refund if you are dissatisfied with your order.

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Buyer Advice

Based on positive buyer reviews, Vintage Build is a purchase you won’t regret. Within weeks of consistent use, buyers reported to see it having visible muscle growth. Since you're not bulking up but building lean muscle, the results last long term.

Where To Order?

Amazon is the only place where you can order Vintage Build 3-in-1. The online retailer provides a discount as well as free shipping with your order.

Our Verdict

I would highly recommend buying Vintage Build 3-in-1 Post-Workout Supplement. After a rigorous workout, you want to maximize the effect it has on your body.

Vintage Build will cause your body to undergo the muscle changes you desire in a timely fashion.

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