Vintage Burn Supplement Review

Vintage Burn Review

Americans spend billions of dollars a year buying weight supplement products. For better or worse, new ones are constantly being developed for weight loss, muscle gain, and more. Losing weight is an ingrained part of American society.

Unfortunately, this causes a breeding ground for unhealthy weight loss supplements.

Weight loss supplement manufacturers put artificial ingredients without making it visible during marketing campaigns. This is common, so buyers should research before choosing a weight loss supplement.

The more transparency in regards to ingredients, the better. There are a multitude of top notch companies on the market that are transparent with their ingredients.

Old School Labs is one of the most trusted manufacturers for weight supplements. The brand is popular amongst bodybuilders. Old School Labs produces their weight supplement, Vintage Burn, in labs located in California.

Below is a review of the weight supplement, Vintage Burn.

Vintage Burn Features

Most weight supplements cannot distinguish between fat and muscle. The lack of distinction causes setbacks for your fitness regime. In fact, your body won’t have enough muscle to work with.

Old School Labs manufactured a fat burning yet muscle preserving weight supplement.

Our Rating

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • CGMP Quality Certified
  • ​Made in the USA
  • Tested via Third Party

What’s the science behind it?

Vintage Burn is loaded with nine ingredients that work together to provide the fat burning results you require.


Green Tea Leaf Extract

The Green Tea Leaf Extract increases your body’s metabolism. This promotes an increase in fat burning. This ingredient also provides antioxidants, which help your general health.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

The Green Coffee Bean Extract improves your mental focus, which is necessary if you’re following a strict fitness regime.

Results of Vintage Burn

The Coffee Bean Extract also limits your body’s fat and sugar absorption. The ingredient gives your body the chance to absorb protein. Protein is essential if you’re looking to bulk up.

Raspberry Ketones

Feeling down and lazy is the worst combination when you’re trying to work out. The Raspberry ketones prevent that from happening. The ingredient increases your metabolism as well as your energy levels. By controlling your appetite, it helps limit your food intake.

Olive Leaf Extract

The Olive Leaf Extract works with your thyroid by boosting the level of thyroid hormones. The boost is a natural process, so your thyroid won’t suffer in the process. The boost of thyroid hormones directly causes to a hyperactive metabolism, which is key for losing fat.

The Olive Leaf Extract also comes with natural healing qualities. This comes in handy when you injure yourself during an exercise.


Found in coffee, you might be surprised Caffeine is included in the list of ingredients. Caffeine is known to break down fatty acids and curb your appetite. The ingredient also causes you to focus on your task for losing weight.

infographic of Vintage Burn supplement pros

Bacopa Leaf Extract

Once you start dieting, your metabolism starts to slow down because it doesn’t need to work as hard. The Bacopa Leaf Extract prevents this metabolic decrease from occurring. This ensures that your fat loss stays constant and prevents any dietary issues.

Garcinia Fruit Extract

The Garcinia Fruit Extract helps lower the formation and storage of new fat cells. The extract promotes a strenuous fat burning process that aids in this matter.

On top of reducing fat cell formation, the Garcinia Fruit Extract also lowers your appetite for carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are a dieter's worst nightmare. Vintage Burn takes care of eliminating carbs from your diet.


Other hormones in the body are responsible for preserving the muscles you gain. Chrysin makes sure that the natural estrogen levels in your body stay at optimal levels at all times. Estrogen is one of the hormones that helps preserve your gained muscles.

Forskohlii Root Extract

The Forskohlii Root Extract acts as a catalyst for the breakdown of stored fats in your body. The extract is also responsible for releasing fatty acids while preserving your muscles. The muscle preservation allows your to keep your strength so you can bulk up quicker.

Plant of Forskohlii

As you can see, there are no artificial ingredients included in Vintage Burn. In fact, there are no synthetic additives as well as no preservatives. Vintage Burn is one of the most trusted weight supplements on the market.

Insider Thoughts

Other weight supplements say they have a limited amount of ingredients for marketing purposes. Some may state they have 10 when they have 96. These are companies that normally include artificial ingredients in their supplements.

Vintage Burn won't include unnatural ingredients to lower their manufacturing costs. In fact, Old School Labs goes into detail about their other ingredients as well. Vintage Burn comes with a Vegetable Capsule that is made from plant cellulose.

The capsule also comes with Vegetable Stearate that ensures each capsule has the right amount of fat burning ingredients. The Vegetable Stearate also helps keep track of the active muscle preserving ingredients as well.

Buyer Advice

Based on positive buyer reviews, Vintage Burn is an excellent weight supplement if you already have a rigorous workout regime. Don’t expect to take two capsules a day and see results. After 60 days of consistent use and exercise, buyers saw significant results.

Buyers rave about Old School Labs customer service. If you are not pleased with your product, customer service will help resolve your issue. If they can't assist you further, they will give you a full refund.

Lean Couple showing off 8-pack abs

The only way you can purchase Vintage Burn is via Amazon. Old School Labs specifically supplies their products to Amazon for sale. You can subscribe on Amazon to get Vintage Burn delivered to your house once every month. This offer saves you money in the long run and is a favorite amongst buyers.

My Verdict

I would recommend buying Vintage Burn if you’re having a hard time achieving your desired fitness results.

You need a weight supplement that gives your body a boost while not destroying your muscle content. Finding weight supplements that target only fat is revolutionary. This is why Vintage Burn has become the number one bestseller in weight supplements.

Vintage Burn isn’t a protein powder, but a pill. By taking two capsules a day, you’ll be giving your body the boost it needs to work out without any harmful side effects.

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