Will Strength Training Help With Weight Loss?

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For many years, cardio-oriented training routines have been considered to be the best types of workout for weight loss. The truth is, there are new scientific facts that have continuously been discovered through the years and suggest weight training as the most efficient way to lose weight. It’s time for you to adapt your training concepts as well.

Limiting yourself into thinking cardio is your best solution for weight loss, is the wrong thing to do. Exploring other options such as strength training can do the trick not only faster but better!

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Did you know that weight lifting is considered by most of the experts today as the best type of workout for weight loss and a healthy/toned body?

How Strength Training Works

The biggest problem that someone searching for different workout routines for weight loss has, is the persistent belief that cardio-oriented workouts are the ones to guarantee the best results possible. Well, the truth is quite the opposite.

Since weight lifting mostly affects your muscles, the biggest difference will be first appearing on your muscle structure.

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But, why is weight lifting is considered to be the best workout for weight loss? The answer is simple: Muscles burn more fat than any cardio training calorie requirements can! Strength training might be the best way to build solid muscles, but, it is also the fastest way to lose all the excess weight by making your body require much more calories. It's better, rather than use your body fat to handle all the pressure, strength and endurance that this type of training requires.

The Main Benefits Of Strength Training

According to a study made by Penn State, dieters were able to lose around 21 pounds while some of them performed cardio training and others, strength training. What they noticed was the fact all the pounds people doing cardio lost, were partly from their excess fat and around 6 of the lost pounds came directly from their muscles.

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While, on the other hand, the ones that went for weight training, were able to lose pure fat! Their appearance was way better that the first group and their toned and fit body made them fit in their skinny jean faster.

Many other studies strongly support weight lifting as the ultimate type of workout to bring a whole package of benefits not only on the weight-loss aspect. Weight lifting can boost your overall health-related components in an efficient and fast way. Strength training's principal proved benefits are:

  • Your heart will be stronger and healthier
  • It prevents life-threating diseases
  • ​It is the best workout for weight loss
  • ​You’ll have stronger, healthier bones
  • ​Your stress level will be drastically dropped
  • It helps with athletic performance

You’ll Have A Stronger Heart

According to a research made by the University of Michigan, people who performed at least three strength building workout routines a week that included working their whole body were able to decrease their diastolic blood pressure by almost eight points in only two months.

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This number is more than enough to make you 40 percent less at risk to have a stroke and also, 15 percent less at risk to have a heart attack.

In another study made by the Appalachian State University, people who were able to perform at least 45 minutes of normal intensity weight and resistance training made their blood pressure drop by almost 20 percent. This is the same amount that blood pressure pills can decrease.

Weight Training And Life-Threatening Diseases

Lifting weights are not only beneficial as the best workout for weight loss. Health-related issues that can be prevented by this type of training are a lot. There are many documented facts indicating significant health benefits that strength training can bring.

Cancer is one of the first; most important diseases you can fight while lifting weights. Keep in mind to always consult with your doctor before starting a weight-training routine if you already havefrom cancer. He will be the one to determine better the excessive, amount and the ideal time you should workout.

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Arthritis is another disease strength training fights. Many studies are showing this type of exercise can be as efficient as medication in eliminating pain for people who have arthritis.

When living a healthy lifestyle that includes clean eating and a well-balanced diet, strength training can significantly improve the glucose control for people who have type 2 diabetes.

It Will Make You Lose Weight Fast

There is no doubt about the fact weight training will help you lose weight fast! Stop believing cardio is the only efficient way to blast your belly fat. When it comes to categorizing the best workouts for weight loss, cardio is the first that comes to most of the people's minds. Well, unfortunately, they are all wrong.

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According to some studies, people that never lift weights and only perform cardio-oriented workouts don’t only lose fat, but also important muscles. Around 30 percent of their dropped pounds were coming from their muscle mass, which is a bad thing especially if you want to keep your body in shape and the meanwhile, be fit and healthy.

The thing about muscle loss is that it doesn’t improve your appearance at all, and you're more likely to gain the lost fat if you don't have a good muscle structure to fuel themselves with energy from your fat deposits consistently.

Your Bones Will Thank You

As we age, bone issues start to appear. The good news is, when regularly lifting weights, the chances for you to suffer from a premature bone disease or even experience severe bone-related issues during your third-age years, are significantly smaller.

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Troy Tuttle, MS, an exercise physiologist at the Texas Medical School in Houston, admits that adding strength training workouts into your daily routine is one of the best ways to stop and prevent any muscle and bone loss. This is due to the fact, after the puberty years, whether you’re a woman or man, each year you start losing around 1 percent of your bone and muscle mass.

Another study found that the osteocalcin levels were increased by almost 20 percent when weight training. This element is the one responsible for the growth and development of your bones.

You’ll Feel Less Stressed

Handling the everyday stress is a true challenge everyone faces. Experts advise a sweat in the weight training room to manage the pressure is an efficient way to follow.

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Fit people are the ones to show the lowest levels of stress. And the reason behind this is quite evident. Since strength training is the one to make you fit in an efficient and optimal way, performing this type of exercises at least three times a week will give your mood a boost.

According to scientists, the fittest people showed significantly lower levels of stress hormones when compared with the ones that were not fit. You see, when you experience a stressful situation, the blood pressure elevates. People having higher muscle mass can return their blood pressure levels back to normal in a faster and more efficient way.

It Will Make You A Better Athlete

If you aim to be a high-level athlete, it is important to focus on many different training aspects that will cover all your body potentials and guarantee you the most efficient and complete performance your physique can do.

Elite athletes haven’t become the best by chance. They know the best thing they should do to achieve the highest athletic results, can only be done through other workout routines that work on their muscle structure as well.

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After all, the muscles and their strength are the ones to guarantee endurance and a reduced risk of injuries that in some cases might be fatal to their career.

Wil Fleming, a performance coach and co-owner of Force Fitness and Performance located in Bloomington, Indiana, admits that all elite athletes know that they need their body to function as a total efficient unit. He advises focusing on different weight training moves that utilize multiple muscle groups at the same time for better results.

Getting Started With Strength Training

We suggest you not to limit yourself when it comes to the varieties and possibilities strength training can offer. You just have to trust it will make you achieve the wanted results and we can guarantee this exercise routine will become something you won’t want to get rid of.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re searching for the best workout for weight loss, to build a healthy body or be as fit as you can. The important thing is to be open-minded when it comes to your physical potential. If you love your life, looking and feeling better should be your primary goals.

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Despite your diet choices which should always be well-thought out, strength training is one of the most natural, recommended and efficient ways to be the best and powerful version of you.

Be careful; if you have any health issues, you should first ask your doctor whether you should or shouldn’t make strength training your first workout routine. Also, asking a fitness expert to design a strength training program according to your specific needs for faster and better results is a smart thing to do.

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